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African Hair Braiding

Hi and thank you for reading African Hair Braiding. First, let’s quickly discuss why we felt it was important to write this article. When we have a customer we typically ask them about their previous experiences when getting their hair braided and many tell us what we could only describe as nightmare stories of bad experiences and poor service.
For this reason, we’ve written 10 things that you should know when selecting a African Hair Braiding salon.This is not in any particular order so let’s begin.

1. Licensing:
Some states may require hair braiders to be licensed. For example, African Hair Braiders in Raleigh NC as well as the entire state are all required to be licensed by July ,2015. African Hair Braiding Salons must also be licensed by the State, County and sometimes the City which they operate within.

This can be a pain for many African Hair Braiders but it let’s you know that they know the proper guidelines for caring for your hair. Things like using Barbicide to properly sanitizing all hair braiding combs, brushes and tools is very important in the prevention of transmitting diseases.

2. Ask others:
It’s always good to ask family, friends and even acquaintances for recommendations but it is just as important to be more detailed. You should ask them if the African Hair Braiding salon specialists were friendly, caring, and hygienic and how pricing and the overall experience was.

We’ve spoken to many customers who say they kept going back to hair braiding salons simply because the quality of work was good but they didn’t like the experience and didn’t want to risk getting bad quality. In this day and age, we believe is possible to receive both high quality hair braiding styles and experience great customer service.

3. Read Reviews:
You should always read what other customers are saying regarding a business that I might deal with and the same goes for hair braiding salons.

A review indicates a customer either liked the service so much or had such a negative experience that they took the time to write and let others know (good or bad). Good places to start are Google and Facebook. This helps you to know what to expect based on what many have experienced.

The level of work and professionalism put into a business website can be a great indicator of what to expect.

4. Customer Service:
It is extremely important to find out what customers are saying about the shop’s customer service practices.
Aside from asking others and reading reviews, another great way to determine what to expect in terms of customer service is by calling. Do they sound happy that you called? Do they sound friendly and share valid and important information with you.

5. Communication:
Which methods does the African Hair Braiding shop use? Aside from calling, do they use, sms (text) and mms (pictures), and emails? Do they follow up appropriately?

There should always be an email with a recap of what was discussed, pricing and any pertinent information or an appointment confirmation. This not only allows the proper expectations to be set but helps the hair braider either meet or exceed those expectations.

6. Location:
There are two things to consider when asking about location.
Home, Office, Salon, etc
One customer told us of an experience she had when she got her hair braided at a braiders’ home. To make a long story short, cops came and everyone got arrested, including her.

Safe Location: Understand some areas are more prone to violence, theft than others so knowing if the location is in a safe neighbor can be a great benefit to you and the hair braiding salon.

7. Visit Website:
It’s always good to check out the African Hair Braiding website. Although most don’t always do this but you should gauge how the site content is laid out, if it’s easy to use, is it easy to find information like “Contact? and “Services? pages. A company’s website can portrait a good image of how they operate.

8. Checkout their work:
You’ve heard the old saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words? and this just as true when deciding on a hair braiding shop.
You can see the quality of work they do and you might even find the exact style that you want which makes it easier to get exactly braiding hairstyle that you desire.

9. Social Media:
Visit their social media pages like Google +, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Are they actively sharing information, resources and knowledge?

This can be crucial in determining if the hair braiding salon is taking that extra time to educate and share valuable information. Perhaps a new updo or a new hair braiding style or how to care for your natural hair. Such information can also help you to gauge their level of expertise.

10. Cost:
This one can be a bit difficult as many African Hair Braiding shops and natural hair care salons don’t tend to post their prices online. This is due to many reasons but one of the more common is that most have variations on pricing based on other factors such as hair thickness, length, etc.


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