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essential oils for hair regrowth

Using natural essential oils for hair regrowth is certainly not difficult or new. People have been using herbs and oils for centuries as remedies and hair care. More and more people like you are discovering the health benefits of natural oils as ways to make your hair grow faster.

How to use hair oils may vary for each person depending on hair type, climate and the type of oils they use. Some people have great results applying the oils at night and rinse in the morning without shampoo.
Others might want to rinse it because the oil they use is rather tick, sticky or the smell might not go well with their spouse. For best result, you might not want to use the oil when your hair is too wet because the water will dilute the oil.

Hair Oils the best way to use natural essential oils for hair regrowth is to apply it directly on your hair and scalp after being heated, known as hot oil treatment. Before applying it you should always test the temperature as too hot will burn your scalp.

Do the scalp massage by from the front of your head near your hairline and work your way around the side and then finally to the top.

Prepare 3 tablespoons of oil and warm them for 30 seconds. Apply the oil with your fingertips to the scalp, do a circular motions massage for 2-3 minutes. Wrap a warm towel around your head and then leave that for 20 to 30 minutes for absorption. Rinse and wash your hair with mild shampoo afterwards.

Natural oil is a great conditioner essential oils for hair regrowth

When styling your hair, massage little oil to your scalp. Then apply it thoroughly to the end of your hair so the oil will cover and protect all of them. Applying some oil to the ends of your hair will prevent split ends. You can also use the oil with shampoo by mixing a tablespoon of oil to your shampoo for each wash.

Even thought some natural hair oils are safe be taken orally, it best to avoid digesting natural oils and just eat fresh foods or vitamins supplement for getting the nutrients needed for your hair.

How fast does hair grow? This is a question that many people would not be in a position to answer because of how hard it is. It is believed that a normal human being has millions of hair follicles on their body which help in the growth of hair.

As such, you will discover that the length of growth hair cycle will be determined with where the hair follicle is located. It is believed that hair have an average growth of half an inch on monthly basis which is highly influenced by the genetic code of an individual. Annually, the hair grows up to about 6 inches and a person continues to age the growth can slow down.

Cell division is a major aspect which determines how fast does hair grow. When there are new hair cells that have formed from the root, they intend to push the hair forward which in return makes the hair longer.
How fast does hair grow?

Well, this is influenced by the cycles that the hair has to go through. In most cases, there are 2 cycles that a hair strand has to go through. The first cycle is where the hair follicles aid in producing cells that make up a hair strand.
After this, the hair will enter into a state of resting especially after the hair has been shed. This mostly takes place shortly before a new cycle of growth commences.

There are three processes that make up hair growth as well as the rest cycle which are namely, anagen, catagen as well as telogen. In the anagen process, you will discover that the hair grows faster thus replacing the old hair that was present in the hair follicle.

In the process of catagen, you will discover some hair transitions which are based on growing and resting. Lastly, we have the telogen process which is referred to as the resting state when the hair has completely been shed. The process that is involved will greatly determine how fast does hair grow.

Stress affect how fast hair growThere are factors that play a major role in how fast hair grows. Stress is considered to be the most major factor influencing how fast your essential oils for hair regrowth. An individual who has a lot of stress will cause his or her hair to fall off resulting to premature balding.

The other is genetic code which may make the hair grow to a certain length. Most people will discover that their hair does not grow past a genetic point that has been set.

In conclusion as we ask ourselves how fast does hair grow, it is important to know that hairs on the body tend to grow only for a few months which in return cause them to be shorter. However, those on the head tend to grow for years.

In addition to essential oils for hair regrowth, it is important to note that the cycle tends to differ from one person to the other and this in return helps in determining the maximum length of the hair. The average hair grows up to about 6 inches annually or ½ an inch on monthly basis until it reaches a certain length then breaks off.


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