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wen shampoo

Before you buy Wen shampoo, make sure you read through my full review of the products.Wen does not even have shampoo.That’s right, if you haven’t already heard. This hair care system actually comes without the regular shampoo

Now I can almost guess what your thinking. How can that be possible? How can you clean your hair without shampoo? Well let me tell you I was a little skeptical at first as too! I was so used to using shampoo that how could I believe it.

Although my curiosity got the better of me. I had to see what all the hype was about, so I finally just went ahead and tried the wen conditioning system. Well the rest is history. Long story short, it just worked wonders!
Now of course, don’t just take my word for it. There are hundreds of testimonials out there try Youtube. Many happy costumers.

Chaz Dean the creator and founder of the Wen hair care system has not used shampoo in his salon and on himself for over 17+ years. Even his sister hasn’t used shampoo for over 14 years as well. Their hair is just fabulous even without shampoo! Check out this video about Chaz Dean and his sister getting interviewed about the system. Even the host was surprised! Sorry you can’t buy wen shampoo it doesn’t exist!

You can’t buy wen shampoo because there isn’t any

Now what you can buy is the wen hair care conditioner system, which gently cleanses and moisturizes your hair, which keeps it clean and soft without the destructive chemicals that are in shampoos. Many of the conditioners in the system ( yes there are a few different kinds to choose from!) provide you with anti-oxidants and even healing properties.

Now it may take some getting used to, I know it did for me.

When you first run the creme through your hair, it hardly lathers like most shampoos and conditioners do.
This is weird for me because I am really used the the feeling of a huge amount of foam and such. But don’t let that make you think it doesn’t work.

Now you also may be thinking, maybe I wont buy wen shampoo because it is a scam. Well read through my positives and negatives about the system here. Wen hair care scam?

I hope I was able to clear up questions you had about the system and the no shampoo system. I recommend browsing my site a little more if you still need more information. Everything you need to know about the products and system are here for your convenience

Wen Hair Care Products have transformed my hair and I love them! I will not use any other products on my hair now.

Then Wen Hair Care Products are so unique and are not like any other shampoo that I have used. They do not have most of the ingredients that most shampoos have and it really makes a difference for my hair.

The Wen Cleansing Conditioner does not contain sulfates, which is what makes shampoos lather, so it does not lather like shampoos. It is more like a cream instead, and it feels like conditioner. At first I thought was really weird, because I was used to lathering shampoo. I was also used to using too much shampoo to get a lot of lather.

So when I first got it I used the recommended amount and it was just too much for my hair, but I thought that it was normal because that is what I used to do with regular shampoo. And when I used too much it was like when I put too much regular conditioner in my hair so it would leave it really greasy. So all I had to do was simply adjust the amount of cleansing conditioner that I was using. Now I use about four pumps and I work that through my hair and then leave it in throughout my shower instead of rinsing it out immediately like shampoo.

I also think that I can make the bottle last a lot longer if I don’t use the recommended amount. Only using four pumps should make it last a lot longer. Overall, Wen Hair Care Products are not like the common hair care products, they are different but so much better for hair and I love it

wen shampoo

I hated that my other shampoos would dry my hair out and then make my roots really oily. I used to used multiple products just to make my hair soft after washing my hair. While using shampoos I used to have to shampoo my hair everyday! It was ridiculous how oily my old shampoo would make my hair.

Because Wen products are not harsh and they don’t contain sulfates, my hair doesn’t get as oily. Wen Products are incredible! I don’t have to wash my hair as often now. I go about three days without having to shampoo my hair now. Wen has replaced all of the products that I used to use on my hair, and it looks better than it ever has.

Wen Hair Care Products have made my hair feel so healthy, I cannot stress that enough. It is no longer bogged down with lots of heavy product. My hair has gone from being dry to a silky smooth texture with body and shine. It feels stronger and it is not breaking as much as it used too and it is finally manageable.

What I really liked about buying Wen online is that the main web site offers a fantastic deal of a 60 day money back guarantee. Holy cow! That surprised me that they are willing to give someone that long to try their product. Most companies only offer a 30 day money back guarantee, which to me is not always a long enough time to really try and product to see if it really works. To me, the 60 day money back guarantee is a good indication that Wen Hair Care must really be a good product and that it is a good company.

Ever since I found Wen Hair Care I will continue to buy it! It is the miracle product that I have been looking for and I am glad that I found it, I don’t feel quite as frustrated with my hair now that Wen has made it manageable for me. Chaz Dean is a genius!

As I mentioned before, the ends of my hair were really dry most of the time from coloring it, but Wen has made my hair soft and has restored its life. My hair went from being dry to soft, really soft! Another problem that I had before was oily roots.

Whenever I used regular shampoo my hair would be oily the next day and I would hate it. But Wen hydrates the ends of my hair and it doesn’t leave my hair oily. It perfectly balances my hair out. I used to have to use other products after shampooing, now Wen replaces all of the other products.

What I love most about Wen is that it is all natural

I love that there are no harmful chemicals in it like most shampoos and I feel good about using it. All of the ingredients work together to get the best results, and it is good for your hair. The natural ingredients leave your hair looking better and it doesn’t take it natural oils.

Wen gives so much more to my hair that I ever expected it to do. I love the way it makes my hair feel. My hair now has body, movement and life! I was amazed that my hair was shiny without being oily or sticky. The difference is noticeable between Wen and any other shampoo on the market. I am just thrilled with the results that I am getting from Wen.

My hair has never looked better. I am always getting compliments about and always recommending Wen Hair Care Products. I will never go back to shampoo

Also before you buy wen shampoo..I mean conditioner.Don’t hesitate to get in contact with me by email! Or check out the contact page above. I can answer any questions you might have. Thanks for stopping by!


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